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Gloud is a new cloud based gaming platform available in Argentina and Chile; designed as “the Netflix of video games”, users can access the platform from any computer connected to Internet.

Great games, play simple

Gloud enables a flawless gaming experience, letting users play from any computer with an Internet connection, while the cloud gaming technology takes care of the rest of the work: it avoids downloads, installations or hardware configurations, since the processing is performed absolutely on its servers.

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Flawless performance

Available for PC and Mac in Argentina and Chile, with Gloud, users only need to have a stable connection of 8 Mbps or more to play titles with a graphic definition of 720p and 30 fps. If for some reason the bandwidth is lowered, the system automatically detects it and lowers the resolution or the frames, but the experience is never cut. Sadly, Gloud discontinued its service in 2019, due to the launch of Microsoft Xcloud and Google Stadia.

Customer: Turner Broadcasting System      Company: Accedo      Role: UX Lead

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