Multi-platform Reality TV apps

Hayu is NBC Universal's first Reality TV video app. Stream hundreds of your favourite reality TV shows, on demand and on any device

Hayu App

As product lead, it was my duty to enhance the Hayu design in a way that enables a more consistent and smooth user experience across platforms, embracing a strong work ethic of user research and quick design iteration based on data, increasing the daily acquisitions in +7.5%

Hayu multi-platform apps
Multi-platform native apps: iOS / tvOS / Fire Tablet / FireTV / Google Play / LG / Roku / Samsung / xBox

Hayu mobile app
Hayu mobile app

Hayu tablet app
Hayu tablet app
Hayu tablet app

28 countries, 3000 subscribers & 9 platforms

Working in a remote cross functional team that was spread out throughout 6 different countries, I prioritized the workload while working on several activities or projects at once, while keeping solid communication skills, ensuring the app deployment to 9 different platforms across 27 countries.

Customer: NBC Universal      Company: Accedo      Role: Product Lead


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