I'm Borja de Vega, product designer working globally from Madrid

I design digital experiences; finding simplicity in complexity, the big in the small, creating chance, because chance creates.

Questioning everything, everywhere, forever.

Passion for innovation

As a seasoned designer with a passion for innovation, I have a proven track record of creating native, cross-platform apps; I am well-versed in utilizing data from remote user testing to inform my design decisions.

Meaningful products & services

My ability to transition between focusing on details and understanding the big picture allows me to intimately comprehend the end-to-end experience of design objects and how they translate into business value. This expertise enables me to create meaningful products and services for purpose-driven companies, finding simplicity in complexity and value in the small details.

Solving Problems Through Smart Design

Ultimately, my goal is to create opportunities for success by approaching design with a mindset of innovation and creativity. I believe that by creating chance, we can build products and services that make a positive impact on the world.

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Clients I've worked with

I help purpose-driven companies create meaningful products & services.