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Worked as product lead for Accedo Elevate, a video streaming platform reaching 300 million users. It delivers native apps on Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles; working with some of the largest global media brands in the industry, e.g. BBC, HBO, Channel 4, Mediaset and Deutsche Telekom.

Multi-screen video native apps

The modular design and architecture of Accedo Elevate components provide a significant degree of customization, enabling it to precisely align with the customers brand's needs. This flexibility also facilitates integration with the preferred back-end and pre-existing partner vendor services.

Accedo Elevate allows customers tomanage the layout and UX from the CMS, deploying native apps to the most popular devices, including web, iOS, Android, Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, Samsung, LG, Xbox, and Playstation platforms. Published apps are managed from a single console enabling in-app updates.

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Multi-screen UX

Seamless multi-platform UX

Today’s content owners are challenged with the need to attract and support viewers across a wide variety of platforms and delivery methods. This requires specific skill sets and a capital investment to address the different platforms, operating systems, stream formats, advertising framework, billing ecosystems, and user experiences. Accedo Elevate simplifies and expedites the go to market process and gets content in front of viewers quicker, allowing content owners to capitalize on their investment sooner, while at the same time keeping costs down by eliminating the need for custom development.

Customers: Various      Company: Accedo      Role: Product Designer

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