Hello, I'm Borja de Vega

I design digital experiences; finding simplicity in complexity, the big in the small, creating chance, because chance creates. Questioning everything, everywhere, forever.

Aesthetics of Behaviours

I craft digital products that synthesize the growing complexity of our daily lives, by holding opposing ideas in the mind at the same time and still retaining the ability to function, creating common places for genuine human interaction.

World’s Leading Video Experience

I am currently designing next gen multiscreen OTT Video On Demand platforms at Accedo, including websites and mobile TV apps, transforming the video experience, providing the best user experience to any device anywhere.

Tata Sky
Flow Cablevision
Deutsche Telekom
Tata Sky
Solving Problems Through Smart Design

Understand. Observe. Define. Ideate. Design. Test.
Begin again and perfect function comes as standard. When design is deployed wisely it can work as a social enabler of change.